What Did I Get?

Hey, all! Sorry Last Chance is taking so long, my computer ate all my pictures for part 5 so I've got to retake them. >:(
But there is good news!
Something is in the mail as we speak.
Something that may or may not be 18" tall.
You wanna guess who what it is?
Comment down below who you think is coming!
She'll be here in about a week. :)

~ The Human


  1. No problem, I'm literally still working on my Easter post XD WHAT?!?!?!?! OH MY GOSH!!!! IS IT CHARLSEA?!? OR MAYBE AN AG DOLL?!? I'M LITERALLY SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER!
    -Katie :)

    1. Yeah, I'm really mad at the computer right now. I KNOW RIGHT I CAN'T WAIT UTIL SHE GETS HERE AND I'M STILL WORKING ON THE PLOT FOR HER STORY!!! X'D
      ~ The Human

  2. I hope it’s Charlsea! She’s so cute!


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