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House of Spooks ~ Halloween Special

Hey guys. Happy Halloween! I'm super proud of this story, I just love how it turned out, and I hope you guys enjoy it too. I just give a really quick thank you to my awesome neighbors for letting me shot in this old house on their land. ❤️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Any aces?" "Nope, go fish." "Hey, Em! You ready to go?" Emerson asked as she and Candy walked into the kitchen. Emily turned in her seat, "Emerson, I already told you, you're fourteen years old I'm sixteen years old. I'm not taking you trick-or-treating." "But Emily, Candy is still thirteen. This is her last chance to go out on Halloween, but her mom said she could only go if I went with her, and Mom said I can only go if you go!" Emerson argued. "Yeah, but Janet and I have plans." Emily replied. 'Where you going to play 'Go Fis

Doll Chat!

Hi guys! It's Charlie and today it's time for something new!
 Doll chats!

So basically how it works is I am going to ask our special guest (Who you will meet in a moment.) ten questions on a topic. 
So let get started!
Today, our topic is....... Girl of the Year 2018!

Alright, now I'll load the video... and there!
Our special guest today is.........

Hey everyone!

Avery, from All Doll'd Up, is joining us today to answer some questions about AG's new Girl of the Year!

So let's start with question #1, What do you think of Luciana's Meet Outfit?

Yeah,I think it's pretty cute, I love the shoes! I wish there was a little more contrasting colour though.

Question #2, What do you think of the robo-dog?

I love her! I think Katie should spend her Christmas money to buy her for me!

Katie: Nice try, Avery.

*Giggles* Ok, #3 is, Do you think Luciana's Mars habitat is worth the price?


*Runs and grabs catalog*

*Flipping pages*
Oh my gosh! 350 dollars?! Yikes!

Well, actually I think it's really cool! I love all the little details in the lab section. Would I pay 350 bucks for it? Probably not, but it's still pretty cool.

I agree. Ok, #4 is, what do you think of her maker station?

I'm actually not a big fan of this, I don't think there's enough there to cost 100 dollars. I think they could have done so much more with this.

I would agree but, I do like how they added the Mega Blocks into the set.
Now, onto the doll herself!
What do you think of Luciana's hair?

I like it! But I'm a little confused about whether or not she has side bangs, some pictures look like she has, some don't. I LOVE the purple stripe in her hair! I wish I could do that to my hair, but Katie said no. :(

#6, what do you think of her story?

Well, I haven't read the actual book yet, but from what I've heard it sounds pretty cool.I'm glad AG finally did something they haven't done yet, I was pretty disappointed about Lea and Gabriela because they've already done an explorer, (Jess) and they did a dancer twice before Gabriela (Isabelle and Marisol). I like that girls who like science and astronomy have  a doll they can relate to and identify with , so all in all, I really like it!

Question #7, Do you think she looks too much like #66?

Yes, that's one big drawback for me! I wish she was more unique looking, I mean, look how awesome and unique her story and collection are!  I wish they had put as much thought into the doll as they did into the rest of the collection!

#8,  What do you think of her space suit?

Oh my gosh, I want it so bad!!! I love how detailed and real it looks! If I had this I could finally accomplish my dream... to eat pizza where there is no gravity!

Well, here's question nine. Do you think Luciana's pajamas look like pajamas? I've heard a lot of people say they don't.

Yeah, I think they look quite a bit like pajamas.

And now it's time for our very last question!
#10, what do you think of the Girl of the Year 2018's collection as a whole?

I think her collection is fun and unique! I like that AG went for something they haven't done before, and I think a lot of girls will really like her collection! :)

And that's it! Thank you so much for come on here today to answer my questions! I had so much fun collaborating with you, Avery!

Thanks, Charlie. Avery, signing off!

The End

Go see more of Avery over at All Doll'd Up!

Or if you would like to be a guest on Doll Chats email me at:

Thanks for reading!



  1. Woo Hoo! Thanks for having me on Charlie! I had a blast :D
    -Avery :D

  2. Ooh, cool! Do you need more dolls to do the doll chat? If you want, I might know a doll who would love to. :)

    1. Yeah! No one has asked to do the February one yet so if you want I'll e-mail you the details! :)
      ~ The Human

    2. Awesome, I'll email you now so you know my address.

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