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All the Dolls ~ 2018 + (Boring) Updates

Hi guys! *Waves excitedly* I'm back! With pictures, introductions, and, you guessed it, boring updates! Yay! OK, but let's be serious.  (Who am I kidding, I'm never serious,) So, two of the dolls you will be meeting today, have not yet had an introduction photo series. The reason being,  1. I was filming a stopmotion, but it snowed. Now I can't do half the scenes the way I wanted to. 2. For the other doll's story, I'm still saving for the other two dolls who will be introduced with her. I could post other things until I'm ready to introduce these two... thing is I really don't want to wait all winter. So, that means there past will be a mystery until next year I guess? Yeah. So, that's enough boring updates. Long story, short. I'm going to be going back to a regular posting schedule and post the SM/photo series next spring! Now to the post! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ALL MY DOLLS  Oct. 2018

Taryn is the tom-boy of the family. She can play an…

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