Wreck This Journal ~ A Photo Story

Charlie and I were sitting in the living room watching TV when we heard a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" I said as I went to the door.

"It's from Grandma!" I shouted as I came back in with a large package.

We both excitedly crowded around the table.

Charlie opened the package and pulled out a note that read:
Happy Birthday!
I hope you enjoy it!
Love, Grandma

"Wait," I said, "But it's neither of our birthdays!"

"That's what I was going to say! But which one of us will get the present?" Charlie asked.

"Rock, paper, scissors?" I suggested.
"I suppose so." Charlie answered.

"Yes! I win!" I shouted after rock beat scissors.
"Oh," Charlie sighed, " Good job. I'm going to keep watching TV."

I reached into the box.
I didn't have to reach far till I grabbed it and pulled it out of the box.

"What?" I said in confusion as I pulled out a book.

"Wreck this journal?" I read aloud.

I turned to the first page which also said wreck this journal and had a space for your name.

The next page said:
"Directions For Using This Book
#1. Follow all the directions.

"Well better follow the first direction." I said as I went outside.

"Here I go." I said as I stood outside on the lawn holding the book.

I lifted it over my head and threw it across the lawn.
"Ha!" I laughed "that'll leave a mark!"

But as I looked it over I was disappointed.
There wasn't a scratch on it!
"Hmm. I guess I'll have to get creative."


The book landed with a thud in the grass.

"Let's see you survive that!" I shouted from my perch in the tree above.

But once again I was surprised to find not a scratch.

"There!" I said patting the dirt I had packed on top of the journal.

Once I had uncovered it I picked it up and the dirt slid right off.

"Ugh!" I groaned.

Later That Evening...

"I think this book is invincible." I groaned as I slumped against the bed. "I mean why would the first instructions be to 'wreck the journal' if it's impossible?! I've been trying all day! I give up!"

"Taryn! Taryn! You are not going to believe what i found- Wait, what are you doing?" Charlie said carrying the package we received earlier.

 "I can't do it." I said plainly.

Charlie, seeing the book, said "Is that my present from Grandma?"

"No," I said, " I won rock, paper, scissors!" 

"Oh! That's what I was just going to tell you!" Charlie said, handing me a note that read:
Just Kidding!
I sent the book for Charlie and I didn't know what Taryn wanted so I sent her money.
Have fun!
Love Grandma

"Wait," I said, "you mean this isn't my book?"

"Yes! Did you start it already?" Charlie asked.
"Yeah. Sorry." I answered.
Charlie picked up the book and looked through.
"I thought you said you started." Charlie said.

"I did." I answered standing up.
"But you haven't done any of the pages." Charlie pointed out.
"What pages?" I asked in confusion.
Then Charlie explained how a 'Wreck This Journal' is supposed to work.

"You mean I didn't need to through it of that bridge?!?!" I shouted in outrage.

"What?" Charlie asked. She was about to say more but I cut her off.

"Never mind. I'm going to bed."

So, what did you think of this story?
Do you have a 'Wreck This Journal/ Do you enjoy yours?

See ya!

~ Taryn


  1. This was such a funny and creative photostory! I really liked the ending. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you very much! *Bows* *Waves to the audience* ;)
      ~ Taryn

  2. This was so funny! Tayrn, you are hilarious! (In a good way, of course)
    I can't wait to see what kind of crazy adventure you get into next!


    1. Heh. Well... maybe a little. ;) Ha ha! Me niether.
      ~ Taryn

  3. Very cute! I had a good laugh at how Taryn was trying to wreck the journal, that's not quite how they want you to do it. :-D

    1. (laughing) Yep. They title it that way so you know you can write, doodle, color on or rip out pages. Not like a school reading journal you have to keep neat and tidy. Although, burying it was quite a unique use.

    2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh!..... I still don't get it. ;) Why thank you! *Bows* ;)
      ~ Taryn

  4. Hahaha that awesome! XD I like the part where you tell Charlie you threw her book off a bridge XD

    1. Well thanks! OK, I didn't know it was her book at the time... ;)
      ~ Taryn


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