Taryn's First Cup ~ A Photo Story

Charlie grunted as she carried a machine in to the room.

"What's that?" Taryn asked curiously as she looked up.

As Charlie set it down on the table she answered excitedly: "I can't wait to try it out! They say it makes beautiful coffee." 

"They told me it makes the best espresso every!" She continued.

"Coffee?" Taryn asked cocking her head to one side.

Charlie kept on talking as if Taryn had never spoken. 
"And they gave me this guide book on how to make different kinds of coffee!" she exclaimed.

"I think I'll try it right now!" She said setting her cup under the spout.

"I think first I'll have an espresso." She said as she flipped through the book.

Once the cup was full she regarded it quietly.
"Charlie!" The Human called "Time to leave!"

"I forgot!" Charlie shouted as she ran toward the door "I said I would go to town with her!"

She popped her head around the door and said "Test the coffee machine without me." And with that she left, closing the door behind her.

Taryn stood quietly for a second...looking at the coffee.

Taryn sniffed the coffee skeptically.

She looked at it for a long time, then shrugged.
"What have I got to lose." She said and took a sip.

"Wow! That is tasty! She exclaimed and drank the rest of the cup.

Once she had finished she set down the cup and surveyed the room.
She felt very energetic all of the sudden.
'I need something to do." She thought, 'I know! I'll sort the shoes!"

 She pulled all the shoes out form under the bed and began to sort.
And in the end she was left with only two shoes. Problem was ...

the last two didn't match!
So she began to search the room.

She looked under the chair,

under the table,

and under the bed. 

She dug farther and farther towards the wall until she finally found the shoe. 
"Yes!" she exclaimed as she pumped her fists in the air.
She was so excited...until she realized she was still missing one and she had messed up all the other shoes too.

Suddenly Taryn felt really tired like she had never drunk any coffee at all.

"I think I'll have another one." she said to herself as she looked through the coffee book.

Once she had finished the whole cup she felt much better.

Then she sat down in the chair to do her math.


Taryn worked quickly through her math (For once. 😉) and was done very soon. She closed her book and thought for a moment.

She felt really tired again and a little dizzy.
'I'll just close my eyes for a second. Maybe then I'll feel better.'
And she did close her eyes but not for a second.


Next time she opened her eyes she was lying on the floor.

"Ugh. What happened?" Taryn asked using the table to support herself.

"I think I need more coffee."

A Few Hours Later...

"I'm back!" Charlie called as she opened the door.

When she opened her eyes she had to stifle a scream.

Taryn was sprawled out on the floor with dirty clothes all around her and it looked like she had folded some of them...in-side-out.

Taryn didn't stir.

Charlie quickly checked to make sure Taryn was breathing...she was. Charlie sighed with relief then surveyed the wreck of the room.

The shoes were all messed up and all the drawers were pulled out of the dresser.

The bed was all so a mess.
Charlie was confused. The bedroom hadn't been such a mess when she left.

Charlie wandered over to the chair. "I wonder if Taryn remembered to do her math." Charlie said as she opened the math book.

Charlie slammed it closed.
"Math is hard enough already! How did she do it backwards?!"

Just then Taryn stirred and sat up.

"Whoa. What happened?" Taryn asked as she looked around the room.

"Well, I was hoping you could tell me." Charlie said.
Taryn started. "Oh um sorry. I didn't see you there." Taryn said.

"Wait. Did you think I did this?" Taryn asked as she stood up.
"Well, it had to have been because I wasn't here." Charlie said. "Please try to think. Do you remember any of this?" she said indicating the mess behind them.

"Well..." Taryn said trying to concentrate.

"Oh! I remember sorting the shoes!" Taryn said excitedly.

"And making the bed! Ooo. I didn't do very well did I?"

"Um, no. You didn't." Charlie said shaking her head. "What were you doing before all of this happened?"

"Oh, that's easy. Drinking coffee!" Taryn answered.
Charlie looked at her suspiciously. "How many cups did you have?" she asked.

"Well, uh, a... few?" Taryn said.
"Okay fine. Um I think like...Seven maybe eight." Taryn said quietly.
"You, had, but, ah, and, with, but. Oh never mind. Let's just clean this all up." Charlie said.

So they cleaned up the dirty clothes.

They put the drawers back in the dresser.

And they straightened the bed.

"Ah much better." Taryn sighed.

"Yes, much." Charlie agreed.

 "Taryn?" Charlie asked seriously.

"Yes?" Taryn answered turning to face her.

"I'll help you redo your math if you promise never to drink coffee ever again." Charlie said extending her hand.

"You got it!" Taryn said as they shook hands.

"Except for one thing." Taryn said.

"What's wrong with my math?"


~Taryn & Charlie


  1. Haha, This was so funny. I like the second tag;)
    Taryn does NOT need any more coffee.
    Just curious, how do you watermark your photos?


  2. Thank you. Well it's true. Ha ha ha. But seriously what is wrong with my math. ;)
    OK, so on our computer we have ACDSee Pro 9 In there you upload your pictures with the import button in the top left corner. Next you select the picture you want. Then press tools which takes you to a drop down menu. In the menu is process (it should be at the top) Press that and it takes you to one more drop down with edit. Once you hit edit in the NEXT menu is add text then I just put in 'Life of in a Farm Doll' And there you have it. I usually change the exposure/lighting depending on the picture. Sorry that took so long to explain but I hope I helped. :)
    ~ Taryn

    1. Thank you! I've been considering watermarking, but I don't really want a tedious process.


    2. Your'e welcome. I didn't do it at first until I typed my blog's name in to the search bar and all my pictures came up...it kind of freaked me out.;)
      ~ Taryn

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I don't think I'll have any more coffee...at least for a while. ;)
      ~ Taryn

  4. Thats so funny that probably would have happened to me as well Do you have an idea for your next story?
    P.S. I loved that one keep it up!

    1. LOL! Yeah. I guess it is pretty funny. Well, I can not confirm or deny. ;)
      ~ Taryn
      P.S. Thank you so much. Reader's encouragement is what keeps me going. :)

  5. HI! Nice post! I decided to tag two of your dolls for the sisters tag! Check out my blog to see which two I picked! Congrats! http://www.dollnotebook.com/blogs/post/The-Sisters-Tag/

    1. Hello! Thank you. What?! Really?! Thank you so much!!! :D
      ~ Taryn

  6. Oh my gosh, this is SO CUTE! I love the coffee maker! This is just too adorabel for words. You make such amazing photo stories! Keep up the good work! :D

    1. Thanks. Hey! I'm not cute! Unless you meant the coffee maker... ;) Thank you very much. You are super sweet. :D
      ~ Taryn

  7. Greetings! I know this is kind of off topic but Ӏ was wondering which blog platform аre you uѕing for thiѕ website?
    I'm getting tired of Wordpress ƅecause I've had рroblems ᴡith hackers
    and I'm lookіng at options f᧐r аnother platform.
    Ӏ wouⅼԁ be ցreat if you сould pօint mе in the direction оf a good platform.

    1. Hey! So, for this blog, I use Blogger. It is a lot different than Wordpress, but I find it much easier to use. Thanks for commenting, and if you have anymore questions, please let me know, and I'll do my best to answer. :)
      ~ The Human


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