Please Go Back AG!

Hi, it's Taryn and Charlie here. I (Charlie) will be talking in pink. And I (Taryn) am in green. So we've been hearing that:

  1. Ag is making a boy doll. 
  2. Ag (may) sew on the underwear. (Ouch!)
  3. Ag has changed the packaging.
And I think that they are becoming less high quality. 😡  Even if we aren't AG dolls the blogs we read and the dolls we love on these blogs have shown us the past quality standard of AG and they are showing us the present and future quality. And we are not very happy. AG is making choices that we don't like! What can we do you ask? Well first check out this postthis post, and this post.

So tell AG how you feel! If you don't tell them they won't know how you feel about their changes and they'll continue to make these changes. But do be kind and constructive! We don't want to start a riot! 😉  Get your voice out there!

~ Taryn & Charlie 

P.S. Those were just a few of the things we heard!


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