Denim, Skirts, and Hearts

OK 1, 2, 3.
Hi, I'm Charlie and this is my second post. We took these pictures in front of the house. I'm kind of happy with some of them. Here we go!


Oops. Neither of us looked at the camera. 😆


Raining hearts! ♡ 💛 💙 ♥

 Another attempt. (Not as good as the first one.)

New header?



So that's it! You... um, may have noticed how Taryn is not wearing V-Day colours at all. Well I asked her to wear a pink dress and she said no pink. But I did my sad face and she said she would wear a dress for me! What is your favourite V-Day colour? Love to hear from you in the comments! Thanks for reading!

~ Charlie ♡

P.S. Sorry it's up so late. 😜


  1. Ahh! You have snow! Lucky, you guys! I love this shoot, great job! Your hair is gorgeous, Charlie, and Taryn's is too!
    ~ LIght4theLord

  2. Yes. Snow can be a pain sometimes but, it is so pretty for photos! It's also a good reflector! Thank you! The Human says she likes bows in my hair. Taryn says "Thanks! :) )
    ~ Charlie

  3. Aww, those photos are so sweet, especially the ones toward the end! I really like third one from the end. It's such a cool shot.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thanks!The Human had to stand on a toy ride-on-tractor. it was pretty funny!
      ~ Taryn

  4. Aww so cute!! Love this photoshoot!

  5. I nominated you for the 2016/2017 tag! :-)

  6. Your girls are so lovely! :D These are excellent photos... my favorites are the ones with raining hearts. :)

  7. Aww, they're outfits are ADORABLE!!!


  8. Thank you! We checked out your blog BTW! It looks amazing good job!
    ~ Taryn


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