Hi guys! So today I am going to get a pumpkin from my uncle! he grows them and sells them in his garden! Customers get first pick, of course, but that's OK! 

Oh look! There he is!

Well three choices! Let's see! 

I guess I should take a closer look!

Awww! This one has little stripes!

But, it has a bit of a dent in it.
Option #2

Looks good but...

This would be in the way!

Option #3

Umm, yep! I think I've chosen!
So let's get this home!

My uncle said I should take them all so the chickens could eat the ones I don't use! So let's get ready!

First I'll put down some newspaper so I don't make a mess!

There we go!
Now let's get the tools!

Good! Lots of different tools give you lots of choices!

A bowl for the "guts"!

Now let's find a pattern! Aww! This one is so cute let's use it!

There we go! Perfect!

Let's open this up!

Wow! Lots of seed in a big pumpkin!

Roll up the sleeves! Let's go!

Ah! Much better!

If I poke the holes, then I can follow them with the knife!


Perfect! Just one more thing!

A candle!

All done now I have my own jack-o-lantern! 
I hope you enjoyed!

~ Taryn ~

Taryn's outfit is Maplelea's Close Knit outfit

( P.S. Sorry this is so late!)


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