New On the Farm

So yesterday my dad said there was someone outside I should see.
I went out the door and dad handed me a bridle I stared at him for a second, then I dashed off to the corral. There he was!

"He is beautiful!" I whispered.

I slowly walked closer.

I dropped the bridle and slowly raised my hand. he sniffed it gingerly. Now for a lot of pictures.

Let's check your hooves.

And the back ones too!

Now let's see if this fits.



So Champlain is finally  here! ( Review coming soon.)And I love him so much!

~Taryn ~

Champlain is Maplelea's KM15 Champlain

Taryn's outfit is Maplelea's Close Knit

Taryn's Boots are from Maplelea's Extreme Green outfit 


  1. Oh, Champlain is really pretty! Great photos (as always!), Taryn! I really like your new horse!
    ~ Light4theLord

  2. Thank you! I think there might be a lot of posts with him from now on! But that has to wait because he's in to see the vet! :(
    ~ Taryn


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