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Christmas Break in 5 Pictures

Hey all!  Today, I wanted to share with you 5 pictures that, I think, describe Christmas break. Here we go!

#1: Molly reading comics

#2: Claire sleeping in

#3: Afton critiquing Taryn's tree

#4: Lanie wrapping presents

#5: Charlie and Boulder in front of the tree

Thanks for reading guys! I have lots more Christmas post planned so stay tuned. :)
~ The Human

Ruthie and the Play ~ A Photo Story

Hey all! This is a story I'm really proud of. I see myself in what Ruthie does, and I made this story to remind myself, we all need help sometimes. We can't always do it alone.
 I hope you all like it.
Everyone was going crazy getting ready.
I had dropped some hints that they would be having visitors, so everyone was pitching in cleaning tidying and anything thing else that needed doing. Everyone helped...Except for Ruthie.
She wasn't sure what to do. 
But she had an idea.

When Ruthie came in to the doll house, Taryn was on the floor trying to put together a bookshelf.

Claire was on her phone.
I guess she wasn't helping either. XD

Charlie was dusting the table.
She hadn't even taken her curlers out.

And Kit was running around, picking up all the garbage on the floor.

"Hi, guys!" Ruthie waved as she ran in to the room, "You aren't going to believe this! I had a really fun idea!"

"Is it something more fun than being nagged to clean?" Claire yawned.

As if on cue, Charlie spun on her heel, shouting, "Claire, are you still sitting there?!"
"Um, what does it look like I'm doing?" Claire answered.

"Claire! This isn't a game! We don't have time for Pintrest, we might be getting a new sister! What if she doesn't want to live here because she doesn't like the look of our house?!" Charlie ranted.

"Right, but back to my idea," Ruthie interjected, "I'm going to be doing a play at the local theater!"

"Hey, that could be cool!" Taryn exclaimed, looking up from the bookshelf, "You rented the Capitol theater downtown?"

"No," Ruthie answered, "I rented the Roxy!"
"Oh." was the response.
"But that's not what I wanted to tell you." Ruthie continued.

"What then?" Claire asked.
"I don't have anyone to act in my play yet." Ruthie said excitedly.
"Wait a sec." Taryn whispered in horror, "You mean you want us to..."
"ACT?!" Claire finished Taryn's sentence.

"Sure. Why not?" Ruthie shrugged.

Before Claire could answer, Kit spoke up, "I think that sound like fun!"

Ruthie grinned at her friend.

"I think it's a good idea too." Charlie said, "I think it would be good for all of us to..well...stretch ourselves."

"Alright! I'll expect you for auditions next Thursday!" Ruthie announced.
Thursday at the Roxy theater

Ruthie jumped up on the somewhat questionably stable stage.

Kit and Charlie looked at each other worriedly.

"Now, get up here and show me what you got!" Ruthie shouted a little too loudly.

"Ok." Ruthie said, from her fuzzy purple chair, "Let's get Claire out here first."

Claire stomped onto the stage and stood there.

"Alright, I'm ready. Go ahead." Ruthie gave a thumbs-up.

"What do you want me to do?" Claire asked.

"Well," Ruthie said deliberately, trying to hold her temper, "I want you to do whatever you prepared for your audition."

"But you didn't tell me what to do for my audition!" Claire cried in frustration.

"That's because you were supposed to chose!" Ruthie shouted.

"You didn't tell me that!" Claire retorted.

Ruthie was about to shout back, but she changed her mind.
"Whatever. You're dismissed." She sighed.

"Wait, does that mean I can leave? Without doing anything?" Claire asked excitedly.

Claire pumped her fists and hopped off the stage.

Next Taryn came on, took a deep breath, the music began, and Taryn launched into a crazy dance routine.

The music was kind of funky, but it matched Taryn's dance.
Taryn was doing well, up until the finale.

Taryn kicked up into a hand stand.
And lost her balance.

Ruthie jumped up and shouted, "Taryn! Look out for the -!" CRASH

Taryn fell to the stage with the curtain falling around her.


Ruthie groaned.

"Ruthie," Taryn cried as she jumped up, "I'm so sorry! I - I didn't mean to!"

"No. No, it's OK. Can we just get Charlie on stage?" Ruthie sighed.

Charlie cautiously peeked from behind the curtain.
"OK," Ruthie said, "I'm ready."

Charlie stood with her hands clenched behind her back.
"I um uh I am um W-we um..." She stuttered.

"Um, go on." Ruthie encouraged.

"I'm going to be sick." Charlie whispered.

"Eww!" Ruthie cried, covering her eyes as Charlie lost her lunch over the side of the stage.

The vomiting stopped.
"Charlie are you alrigh-" Ruthie broke off.

"Oh!" Ruthie shouted covering her eyes, as Charlie began again.

When Charlie finally stopped Ruthie jumped out of her chair shouting, "Someone get off her off the stage!"

Taryn quickly led Charlie off the stage.

Ruthie collapsed wearily in her chair.

Next Kit ran onto stage and waved.

"Hi, Ruthie! It's me, Kit! I'm going to be singing 'Shake It Off". Kit called.

And Kit sang one of the best (and newest) songs Ruthie had ever heard.

Once she finished, Ruthie gave her a standing ovation...mainly because she didn't wreck anything.

Kit grinned.
"Alrighty then! Can I get everyone back on stage for casting?" Ruthie called.

All the dolls stood on stage, awaiting their parts.

"So, we're going to be doing Hamlet." Ruthie explained.

"Now, I'm going to read your name then the character or characters that you will be playing. Kit, you'll be playing Horatio, Polonius, and Laertes."

"Um, I don't know who those people are...but OK!" Kit smiled.

"Charlie, you'll be King Claudius, and Ghost of Hamlet's Father."

"Um, sure." Charlie mumbled, still looking quite sick.

"Taryn, you're going to play Ophelia."

"Do I have to be a girl?" Taryn whined.
"Um, you get to go insane?" Ruthie offered.
"Ooo, that sounds fun!" Taryn clapped.

"And finally, Claire, you will be Queen Gertrude."

Claire looked away from her phone just long enough to say, "Whatever."

"OK, any questions?" Ruthie asked.

"Oh! Me! I have a question!" Kit cried, waving her hand in the air.

"Um," Ruthie made a show of looking for raised hands, "You. Kit, you had a question?"
"Yes," Kit replied, "Who's going to play Hamlet? Isn't he kind of an important character?"

"Right you are, Kit! I'll be playing Hamlet." Ruthie answered.


"Alright!" Ruthie exclaimed, "We've got a lot of work to do before the play, so let's get started!"

"We need someone to make the costumes,"

"Someone needs to pick the songs that will be played during intermissions and that sort of thing,"

"Of course, one of us will need to fix the curtain,"

"I'll get one of you to hang the lights,"

"And then someone will need to clean up the mess Charlie made backstage."
Charlie blushed.

"So, we'll pull straws to see who does what." Ruthie suggested.

It ended up, Kit would be picking songs on the laptop,

 Charlie would hang the lights,

 Taryn would make the costumes,

 and Claire would be cleaning up.

Which left Ruthie to hang the curtain.
"How hard could it be?" she asked herself.

A lot harder than she thought.

"How am I supposed to do this?!" Taryn shouted.

Charlie grunted from under a pile of lights.

"No!" Ruthie cried as the curtain fell again.

Kit flopped on her side and shouted, "I can't make this dumb computer work!"

Claire groaned from back stage, "I think I'm going to be sick."

Ruthie covered her ears.
This wasn't going well at all.
The other weren't even helping!

"Stop!" she yelled over all the other noise.
The room went quiet.

"Just go home. All of you. You aren't helping, and it's obvious you don't want to be here." Ruthie said in a rush of words, that came to fast for her to stop.

"Ruthie," Kit said, reaching for her hand, "You don't mean that."

"No." Ruthie replied, pulling her hand away, "I don't need you're guy's help. I'll do it myself."

And soon she was all alone in the big theater.
For hours she worked by herself.

Five hours later, when she fell asleep, all she had to show for her work was a handmade tee-shirt with holes in the seams.


When she finally woke up, she could tell it was late at night.

She pushed her hat back onto her head.
Someone had set her on the stage and tucked her under a blanket.

"Hello?" She called.
Ruthie could clearly hear the echo as she stood up and looked around.

On the table was a pile of outfits, just as Ruthie had imagined they would look, and and the laptop screen was filled with a playlist of different songs.

"Who did this?' Ruthie whispered.

Ruthie hadn't noticed the lights on the stage until they flicked on.

"Who did this?" She repeated.

"Well who do you think, silly?" Kit giggled.

"We could give you some more help." Kit suggested after a few silent moments.

"Um," Ruthie hesitated.
"I can do it on my own. Better." she thought.
"I...I can't do it without you guys. But are you still...willing to help?" Ruthie finished.
The other girls looked at each other and began to whisper while Ruthie waited in awkward silence.

Finally Kit threw her arms in the air and cried, "Let's make a play!"

Opening Night

"Hello everyone," Ruthie waved to the audience, "And welcome to the opening of our version of Shakespeare's play, Hamlet. My sisters and I have all worked really hard and I hope you all enjoy!"

From 'To thine own self be true.' to 'To be or not to be."

From Polonius tragic accidental murder,

To Hamlet holding Ophelia in his arms for the last time.

All the way to when Hamlet told Horatio to live and tell the story of all that had happened.
 Everything went perfectly.

And as they all stood on the stage bowing to the clapping audience, Ruthie smiled.
"I love my new sisters." she thought.

The End.

~ The Human


  1. What an awesome story! I can totally relate :) I can tell you put a ton of work into this and it totally payed off because it's amazing! I love Charlie's dress in the last picture, it's so cute, it looks a lot like Leonie's meet.
    -Katie :)

    1. Aww, thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I do too. It's actually the top from Maplelea's Wild Rose outfit for Taryn over a dress I made. :)
      ~ The Human

  2. I loved this so much! You did an amazing job!



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