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Photogenic + Visitors = A Lot of Pictures
So as the name implies we have visitors! I thought you might want to meet them!  😉

I would like you to meet.

The amazing,

the lovely,

the new visitors.

A Frosty Easter ~ An Easter Photoshoot
Hello, everyone! Some of the snow melted last night so we did an Easter photoshoot. Enjoy!


An Indoor Easter ~ An Easter Photo Story
6:15 am Charlie's POV
The early morning light was just coming through the window. 'Just a little longer.' I thought.

"Not again." I said slowly rolling over. I looked down and saw exactly what I didn't want to see.

"No Boulder. Not again. I'm tired." I whispered.

Boulder put his front paws up on the bottom bunk.

He made a mighty leap onto the bed and sat down. I tried not to move. I knew what was coming.

He began to push toward the pillows.

"No!" I said again as I sat up.

I began to fall as he kept squeezing forward.

"Oof!" I said as I hit the floor.

 Boulder seemed comfortable.

I sat up quickly, remembering something. 
'My first Easter.' I ran to the window to look out side and my heart sank at what I saw.
7:00 am