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You are my Sunshine ~ A Lyric Shoot

Hey all! So, two things about this shoot. #1. This was all supposed to be outdoor, but due to the  10000000 km/h wind it became an indoor shoot.  Seriously though, I put Molly down and she immediately face-planted  in the snow.
#2. I wanted to do a shoot to this song, thinking it was a cheerful, happy song. So, I looked up the lyrics and, what do you know! It's about a heartbreak. I had never heard the sad lyrics that came up on Google, then I remembered I've only ever heard the Veggie Tales version. XD But I stuck with it 'cause I wanted a happy song. :)
Anyways, hope this brightens your day!

You are my sunshine My only sunshine

You make me happy When skies are grey

You'll never know friends How much I love you

You have been my sunshine today

A little sunshine God's love is sunshine

It makes us happy most every day Always remember how much He loves you

Then you can give his sunshine away

You are my sunshine  My only sunshine

You make me happy  Wh…

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