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Flower Crowns ~ A Photo Contest Entry

Hi! So here is my last entry for Sam's contest. 


Don't worry the flowers are coming.

Ombre ~ A  Photo Contest Entry

Hi! It's Taryn here with my entry for Samantha's contest. Go team Kanani!


A little dark. 😒

**************************************** So there you go!  I painted this dress. Yes painted. Because I needed something for the category ombre. So ya.
Charlie's Surprise
Hello! It's Charlie. So I know there have not been many posts lately but, fret not! It's only because I have been working on a E- surprise! I have been working on a surprise. And Taryn has been helping  by modeling clothes. But the pictures your about to see are a sneak peek. So here you go! I can not believe I almost gave it away!. ********************************************

Taryn: "Hi! I'm modeling a surprise!"  Charlie: "Taryn!!" 

Taryn: "I love this pattern! Cute little oranges!"

Taryn: "I feel so innocent."

Taryn: "No, ma'am. It wasn't me."

Taryn: "OK. Back to skirt spinning."