Sunday, 19 March 2017

Charlie's Surprise

Hello! It's Charlie. So I know there have not been many posts lately but, fret not! It's only because I have been working on a E- surprise! I have been working on a surprise. And Taryn has been helping  by modeling clothes. But the pictures your about to see are a sneak peek. So here you go!
I can not believe I almost gave it away!.

Taryn: "Hi! I'm modeling a surprise!" 
Charlie: "Taryn!!" 

Taryn: "I love this pattern! Cute little oranges!"

Taryn: "I feel so innocent."

Taryn: "No, ma'am. It wasn't me."

Taryn: "OK. Back to skirt spinning."

Taryn: "Well that was fun!"

Taryn: "Charlie? Didn't you say there would be food after?"
    Charlie: " Um, yes. Because we are taking these pictures before supper."

Taryn: "I'm going to go find some food."
Charlie: "Good thing I got all my pictures!" 😊


So there we go! What do you guys think my surprise is? It should be done soon!

~ Charlie

P.S. Thanks so much to all six of our followers!

Thursday, 9 March 2017


DIY Messenger Board

🎵🎵🎵Humm- dee-dum🎵🎵🎵 

Oh. Hi guys! I was just put the chores list on my new message board I made! I wanted to show you how to do it!

What you need: 

1. A cardboard box

2.  Scissors

3.A hot glue gun 

4.Some cute patterned fabric 

5. Stuffing

First you have to decide on a size then cut out a square (or rectangle) the size you like.

Then lay the cardboard on your fabric. Make sure you have a 'lip' all the way around the cardboard.

Next take the glue gun and glue along one side.

Then fold the fabric up onto the glue.
*Only do this on three sides leaving one side open*

It should look like this.

Next take some stuffing,

and stuff it in the end that you didn't glue.

Now choose some ribbon that matches your colour scheme.

You will want four to six pieces. You can put them the other way if you prefer.

Then place the ribbon across which ever direction you want and hot glue them in place.

Now you have to decide which way you want it to hang.

Take a small piece of ribbon and glue it on the back like this.

Take the other end and glue it like this to make a loop.

Then you can hang it on the wall.

 I hope you enjoyed this post! 

~ Charlie


Chipped ~ A Photo Contest Entry

This is my entry for Samantha's photo contest! The category is chipped.


See? Chipped!

Jack is having a snack!


And that's it! I thought the trees being chipped would fit into the category! Thanks for reading!

~ Taryn