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We Have Been Nominated! 

Yay! We have been nominated for

Thanks so much Geeky_Girl! I ate a chocolate kiss yesterday so that's why I'm nominated! So no rules but it's nice to give a link! 😃 Here are the questions! Favorite Disney character?              How long have you been blogging?    Sweet or sour?     Would you rather live in a beach hut or a mountain cabin?    Any pets?Favorite song?What made you start blogging?Name the first 3 words that pop into your head when you hear "cupcakes".Last book you read.Pegasus or unicorn?Favorite book series?
1: Merida from 'Brave'.
2: Four months and nine days.
3: Sweet! 🍩🍨🍬🍭🍰
4:, mountain cabin. I love the mountains!
5: Yep! A dog, a cat, and a horse!
6: Um, probably 'The Deep Love of Jesus' by Keith and Kristyn Getty.
7: Story time! So I was on my Mom's Pinterest and I saw a picture of a really pretty doll, (I later found out it was Lanie.) and I followed the link. It was Dolly Dorm Diaries. I r…
Denim, Skirts, and Hearts

OK 1, 2, 3. Hi, I'm Charlie and this is my second post. We took these pictures in front of the house. I'm kind of happy with some of them. Here we go!

Oops. Neither of us looked at the camera. 😆


Unexpected Additions ~ A Photostory Part 2
* Taryn's POV *

"Jack?" I said quizzically and followed her gaze.
And there was the cute brown fluffy little...


I just stood there shocked to pieces. Charlie turned to look at me.

"So," she ventured quietly "can I keep him?" Although she thought she knew the answer.

I stood back and thought for a moment. "A beaver?! In the house?! What about all the wood!?And, and, and what would the humans think!?" I looked back over at Charlie.

She looked past me as if she didn't want to hear my answer.
"Why not. He might be good company for Boulder."

But before I could finish she had grabbed Jack and wrapped him in a hug.

"Thank you." she whispered.
The End
So Jack is the newest and unexpected addition! 
Thanks for reading! 

~ Taryn
Unexpected Additions ~ A Photostory Part 1

*Taryn's POV*

"Nothing to watch today." I grumbled as I flicked through the channels.

"Taryn?" Charlie asked as she walked into the room.

"Yes." I said as I sat up to look at her.

"Oh, um. I'm going outside! Bye!" And she almost ran to the door.

"Hey! I'll come with.." I was interrupted by the door slamming closed. "You." 

I sighed. Charlie had been here for a week now but she barely ever talked to me. She spent most of her time outside alone.

"Where does she even go?" I asked myself. "Well I'm going to find out!" So I slipped my boots and earmuffs on and quietly followed her.

As I watched she stopped to watch the birds."Is that what she has been doing?" I asked. But she began to run! Had she noticed me?

I ran a safe distance behind her. She ran, and ran, and ran, and ran get it. I couldn't believe she ran so far without stopp…