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Christmas Break in 5 Pictures

Hey all!  Today, I wanted to share with you 5 pictures that, I think, describe Christmas break. Here we go!

#1: Molly reading comics

#2: Claire sleeping in

#3: Afton critiquing Taryn's tree

#4: Lanie wrapping presents

#5: Charlie and Boulder in front of the tree

Thanks for reading guys! I have lots more Christmas post planned so stay tuned. :)
~ The Human

The Blue Sky Tag (Thank You Katie!)

Hey, guys! Katie, from All Doll'd Up, nominated me for the Blue Sky Tag!
Thank the person that nominated you.
Answer the eleven questions.
Nominate eleven people and ask them eleven new questions.

So, Katie's question will be in blue (Blue Sky Tag, get it?) and I will answer in white.

#1 What is your favorite food?

Oooo, that's hard.... I'll have to say mom's homemade pasta chicken alfredo.

#2 Have you ever taken dance classes? If so, what kind and did you enjoy it?

No, I've never taken dance classes.

#3 Which of your dolls is the most like you?

Well, all my dolls are sort of like me in different ways, but I think Claire, and a doll I want to get someday. (Hint hint.)

#4 What do you enjoy doing besides blogging?

I love love love reading!

#5 What does your dream doll look like?

Lanie, GOTY  2010! I love her side bangs!

#6 What is your favorite holiday?

I love Christmas, because it's celebrating when Jesus came and took my sins!

#7 What is your favorite book?

Ugh! How can you ask that question to a book addict?! Um, I really like Jane Austen and classic books.

#8 What is your second favorite kind of doll?

AG dolls! (I like Maplelea a tiny bit better.)

#9 DC or Marvels?

Marvel! DC is pretty cool too, though.

#10 Do you like the Lego Movies? If so, which one is your favorite?

YES! I love both, but I have to say Lego Batman.

#11 Do your pets ever photo-bomb your pictures?

This is my super weird cat.

And that is my very weird dog.
So, in a word, yes, my pets photo-bomb all the time!

So, yeah. that's it! Thanks so much, Katie, for nominating me! I had lots of fun!

Here are my questions:

#1 Do you like reading?
#2 What colour is your hair?
#3 Cake or ice cream?
#4 Favorite Youtuber?
#5 Town or country?
#6 Favorite season?
#7 Most embarrassing thing you remember? 
#8 Favorite school subject?
#9 Instagram or Pinterest?
#10 Favorite book series?
#11 Favorite number?

And I nominate...

Diamond from World of AG Dolls
Bella from A Doll's Life
Gracie from Smile and Craft AG
Rose from A Purpose of Winged Dogs
Mya from AG Lane 123 Studios

And that was all I could think of so, anyone who would like to do this should totally go ahead!


  1. Woo Hoo! Awesome answers! LOL I like the picture of your cat XD I have so much trouble with my pets photo-bombing my pictures! My cat likes to go and sit right in front of what I'm taking pictures of XD
    - Katie :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, but seriously, that cat is super weird. XD Ha ha. Me too. Thanks again for nominating me!
      ~ The Human


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