Cammie Mason ~ A Halloween Mega Photostory

Disclaimer: Ghosts are not real and all the stuff in this story is made up. Do not think I hold any of the things in this story as true.
With that in mind enjoy! 


A young girl sighs as she walks up to the old cabin.
Inside the Uncle Fred she has never met, without a word of greeting dismisses her to unpack her bags.

Regina Worth sighed as she folded the clothes out of her trunk.
"I can't believe I have to stay with Uncle Fred over the break."

" I mean, I like having three weeks off of school in October but I wanted to spend it with mom and dad. Not an uncle who pretends I don't exist!" Regina thought out loud.

"Not only that, but mom and dad expect me to make friends!" She said as she grabbed another dress.

"Why can't they understand I can't make friends. It just doesn't work for me." She sighed again.

After she was done unpacking Uncle Fred sent her to play outside.

As Regina walked along a path outside she thought about how she could stretch her books to last the whole break.

She wasn't looking where she was going because it didn't seem like a very likely path to bump into someone on.

But that moment when she did bump into someone was the moment her first ever adventure began.

"Oof." Regina grunted as she and the other girl sprawled on the ground.

"Oh my goodness! I am so so sorry!" Regina exclaimed in embarrassment as she extended her hand to help the girl up.

As the girl got up, Regina's face grew redder and redder with embarrassment.

"Um - eh - sorry, I - um. I should go." Regina stuttered as she turned to leave.
"No, wait! It's ok." The other girl said.

As Regina turned again, the girl asked "Would you like to sit with me for a while?"
 Regina nodded awkwardly.

The two girls sat together in silence, Regina was too shy to begin conversation.
Presently, the other girl asked "Are you nervous?"
"Um, well yeah. I'm nervous about talking to new people. I mean, what if they think I'm weird or something?" Regina had never told this to anyone before, but it felt good.

"Don't worry about that." the girl said smiling, sweetly,"Everyone is a little nervous when talking to strangers. Even I used to be shy, but then my mom told me that 'If you be friendly others will be friendly back.'"

"Do you think she's right?" Regina asked curiously.
"Why don't you test it with me and find out?" the other girl asked.
"Um, alright." Regina said hesitantly.

"Hi, I'm um, Regina Worth." 
The other girl beamed. "Hello, I'm Cammie. Cammie Mason." 
And so, the awkward conversation ran on.

Finally, Cammie interjected into the conversation, "You know, I really like you Regina. Do you want to be friends?"

"Wh - what? Really?!" Regina stutters excitedly.
"Sure." Cammie answers kindly.

"Would you like to come over then?" Regina asked.
"Um, I just remembered I have to do something." she said quickly, "But maybe tomorrow?" 
"Tomorrow then!" Regina said.

That evening...

Regina lay awake in bed for hours, too excited to sleep. She couldn't wait to see Cammie again.
She was just drifting off to sleep when she heard a noise.

 A noise that made her sit up in bed, and made her heart thump.
A blood-curdling scream.


Cammie didn't come on Sunday.

Regina sat in her room reading. She hadn't asked her uncle about the scream, she was too upset that Cammie didn't come. What if Cammie had changed her mind on their friendship?

Just as the thought crossed Regina's mind, Cammie walked in.
"Hello." she called.

Regina flung the book aside and leaped off the bed.
"Why didn't you come when you promised?!" Regina demanded.
"But, I'm here." Cammie said in confusion.
"You said you would come yesterday!" Regina cried.
"But I just met you yesterday." Cammie defended herself.
"Oh, you must have got your dates mixed up. That's alright, tho." Regina answered.

The two girls sat on the bed and talked for hours, like old friends.
And for the rest of the week the two of them enjoyed each others company.

Next Saturday
Cammie was supposed to come over Saturday morning and stay over night.
But once more she never came.

Regina got tired of waiting for Cammie in her room and so she went into one of the only other rooms in the house.
Then she realized someone else was in the room as well.

Uncle Fred sat looking at a book at a small table, but, upon closer inspection, he was not reading the book. Regina knew, because every few seconds he would look up from the book and look around the room.
He didn't seem to see Regina.

"Hi, uncle. What are you doing?" Regina asked as she walked up to the table.

Upon hearing her voice, her uncle jumped up from the table and looked around the room wildly.

He took of his glasses and his eyes met Regina's.
"Oh, I'm scanning for paranormal activity." he said.
Regina wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic or not.

"Um, I didn't know you needed glasses." Regina said, trying to make conversation.

"I don't need these glasses to read! I made them so I can see ghosts! This place is over run with them!" he cried.

"You really think ghosts are real?" Regina asked.

"Of course." He replied as he walked away.

'Oh great.' Regina thought, 'A run down cabin in the middle of a creepy forest, with a crazy uncle who believes in ghosts.'


Once more Regina was reading.

Then Cammie walked in.
"Hi." She chirped.

"What is your problem with Saturdays?! Why didn't you come yesterday?!" Regina cried.

"What? I just met you yesterday!"Cammie said in surprise.

"No. We've been playing together for a week, Cammie! Don't you remember?" Regina asked in frustration.

"Um, a -" Cammie stuttered as she thought.

"Cammie?" Regina asked worriedly.

"I don't remember. Why can't I remember you?" Cammie said, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

"Cammie," Regina said, gently, "I - I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything, but are you... sick or something?"

"I... I... I don't remember..." Cammie whispered.
For a second, it almost looked like the light was shining right through her.

"Well, how about your mom. She would know!" Regina suggested.

"Sure." Cammie said quietly, "My house isn't far from here."
Regina followed Cammie down a small trail in the trees for about fifteen minuets, until they came to a clearing.

Cammie led Regina toward an old house...that looked completely abandoned.

As they got closer, Regina realized it was completely abandoned.

Cammie led her inside, but the house was completely empty.

"Mama! Please don't be mad!" Cammie cried.

Cammie continued to try to explain, but there was no one there except for the two of them.
"What did my uncle say about this place being over-run with ghost?" the thought flashed across Regina's mind.

"Yes, mama. I'm sorry. I'll try to remember." Cammie said dejectedly.

"Um, Cammie? I think we should go." Regina suggested quietly.

"So," Regina said as they walked out of the house, "I had a hard time understanding you... mom." Regina hesitated on the word 'mom'.

"Well, mama said that I'm not sick, I'm just a forgetful brat." Cammie said callously.

"So, your mom was there?" Regina asked cautiously.

"Of course she was! You just saw her." Cammie said.
"Oh. right." Regina replied.

It was raining today, so Cammie was not coming over.

Uncle Fred burst into Regina's room with his crazy ghost glasses on.

Regina, surprised, was not sure what to say.
She gently cleared her throat.

"Oh, it's you." he said taking off his glasses and setting them on the bed.

"Um, hi uncle." I wave awkwardly.

"What do you want? Come on! Spit it out!" Uncle Fred said in irritation.

"Well, um, me and my, uh, friend are interested in the ghost stories around the area." Regina said.

"Finally!" Uncle Fred cried, "I've just been waiting for you to ask! Sit down and tell me which story you want to hear!"

"There are millions of ghost stories for this area! There is the ghost of the train station, the one in the woods, and-"

"Actually I was wondering about, um, children ghosts." Regina interjected.

"Ah, you want to hear about the ghost of Cammie Mason. Well, fifty years ago, a girl named Cammie was sent to go get water from the creek. Her father had died three years before and her mother was busy with the other children so Cammie had to go alone. Cammie was terribly forgetful so when she when outside she forgot what she was supposed to do. She went back in, to ask her mother, but her mother got angry, and said she must stay in the woods until she remembered. Well, it took Cammie a week to remember but when she did, she went to get the water, fell in the creek, and drowned. Now her ghost has to re-live the three weeks before her death each year. She dies three times a year and each time she dies the week resets!"

It all made sense now! No wonder Cammie couldn't remember her on Monday, she dies on Saturday night, that explains the scream she heard, and Sunday must be the day after her mom sent her away!
But how could she remember Regina? Wouldn't she have to meet her again?

"As the legend goes," Uncle Fred continued, "anything that creates strong emotion during her first week, she will remember for the next two weeks."

"And," Regina began hesitantly, "Is there any way you can, you know, bring a ghost back?"

"Yes, one way." Uncle Fred replied.

"You have to stop them from dying." 

"Um, so like, say you wanted to help Cammie Mason, you would have to stop her from falling the creek?" Regina asked, a plan formulating in her head.
 Cammie had already died twice. That meant Regina had one more chance to help her.

"Yep, but you don't want to try to help a ghost." Uncle Fred said.
"Why?" Regina asked.

"Because if you do you change fate, destiny and history." 

"And I don't think the twins would like that." he said enigmatically as he left the room.

"I never cared for history anyway. I have to try to help Cammie." Regina thought out loud.


"Hello!" Cammie called as she walked into the room.

"Cammie, please sit down." Regina sighed.

"Um, sure?" Cammie said, "What's wrong?"

'How am I going to say this?' Regina thought.

"Cammie, you're a...a ghost." Regina whispered.

Cammie laughed.
"Really, you want me to believe I'm a ghost? Why don't I remember dying?" Cammie giggled, "Your'e just getting into the halloween  spirit."

"Cammie, on Sunday morning of this week, your mom sent you to do something but you can't remember what it is." Regina said and went on to relate the rest of the story to her friend.

"I - I died fifty years ago?" Cammie mumbled in shock.

"Um, yeah." Regina replied.

"I-I'm not really." Cammie mumbled again.

"Don't worry, Cammie. I've got a plan to save you!" Regina said, trying to reassure her.

"Regina, I'm dead! There's nothing you can do now!" Cammie cried.

"No, Cammie there is one way to save a ghost. I just have to keep you from drowning this Saturday  and then you'll be a human!" Regina said.

"Just keep me from drowning? How are we going to do that?" Cammie asked, hopefully.

"That's what we're going to figure out!"

And so Cammie and Regina spent hours and hours going over all of the options. 
The only thing they could think of was having Cammie stay over on Saturday night so Regina could watch her.
The rest of the week was spent planning, what Regina would say if Cammie tried to leave or something. They didn't think they would need it though, of course Cammie wouldn't leave.

They were wrong.

9:00, Saturday night

"OK. So, by logical process," Regina said, more to herself than Cammie, "We only have to keep you safe till midnight, then the day is over. Then you'll be human again, right?"
"Right." Cammie affirmed. 

Regina yawned.
"Well, I want to be there when you're going to become human again, so wake me up ten minuets before midnight. Unless you want me to stay up with you."

"No, I think I'll be ok." Cammie said. "And, um, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me, Regina. You've been a true friend."

Regina smiled to herself in the dark.
"You're welcome. See you tomorrow human Cammie." 

2 hours later

Regina moaned in confusion. She heard a noise that woke her up.
"Cammie?" she asked sleepily.
There was no answer.

Cammie was sitting on her make-shift bed and putting on a pair of Regina's shoes.

"Cammie? Did we make it?! Is it midnight?!" Regina asked excitedly.

Cammie didn't answer, but stood up and walked toward the door.

"Cammie? Cammie, you can't go outside. It's still another two hours till midnight." Regina said, but Cammie didn't respond, she just kept walking.
Regina had no choice but to follow her.

In the pale moonlight, Regina followed Cammie, and with a sinking heart she realized that Cammie was going towards the creek.

In the small but deep creek, water tumbled treacherously over the rocks.
As Regina drew closer she heard voices, so she took cover behind a tree close enough that she could hear and see what went on.

Two girls in pale blue dresses sat by the creek.
They seemed almost to be glowing.

"Please, Destiny! That girl, Regina, she's trying! Can't we just let it go this time?" the blonde girl pleaded.

"Fate, you are far to easily persuaded, and besides, you know that I can't." the other girl, Destiny said.

Cammie walked up to them and bowed.
"I am here." she said, in a voice that was not her own.

"Ah, good. You're here." Destiny said as she stood.

"Now, go to it." Destiny sighed, "I'd rather not be here to watch again."

"Um, sis? Are you forgetting someone?" Fate asked.

"Oh, right." Destiny groaned as she sat again, "Regina? I know where you are. Come here, so I don't have to come get you."
She didn't want to but her legs seemed to move without her.

Cammie sat down beside Destiny as Regina came from her hiding place.
"Who are you two?" Regina demanded, "And what are you doing to Cammie?"

"I am Destiny, controller  human's ghost's actions, and this is my sister, the more pliable, Fate, who controls what happens to people." Destiny said. "Now sit and I will explain."

"Tell me what you're going to do with Cammie." Regina repeated.

 "Well you see, being the detail oriented person I am, I will wait exactly fifteen more minuets, then I will make Cammie walk into the creek and drown." Destiny explained calmly.

"What?! No! I'm leaving right now, and taking Cammie with me!" Regina cried indignantly.

Destiny began to laugh, and Fate sighed.
"You can't take Cammie. Destiny is controlling her, so she can't leave even if she wants to." Fate explained quietly.

"Well put, sis. Well put." Destiny said to Fate, then she turned to Regina,  "Now five minuets left, anything you wish to say to Cammie? Or will you save it for next year?"

Regina tried to think of anything to waste time.

As she saw the water tumble over the rocks, she had an idea.

"Time's up! Cammie, go." Destiny said.

Cammie stood up and began to walk toward the bank.
"No! Cammie! Stop!" Regina cried, but Cammie didn't even seem to hear her.

Regina grabbed Cammie around the waist and tried to pull her back as she spat out the words.

"Destiny? Just once? Could we let it go just once?" Fate pleaded.
"No." Destiny answered firmly.

Regina had one chance.
She let go of Cammie, fell on the ground, and shouted, "THE BUCKET!"

"What?" Destiny asked, and Cammie stopped right on the edge.

"The bucket." Regina repeated, "If she was going to get water she would have brought a bucket. I thought you were detail orientated."

"Um," Destiny turned to Fate, "Did she have a bucket? I want to make sure I get this right."

While the two of them debated Regina jumped up and lunged toward Cammie.

"Walk, Cammie!" Destiny commanded.
But it was too late.

Regina shoved Cammie out of the way and fell into the creek instead.
Regina didn't know how to swim. She gulped for air and sunk.
And she drowned.

When Regina woke up something was on top of her.
She fought and struggled against it.

Someone pulled whatever it was off of her and she sat up in surprise.
"Fate? Destiny?"

It was Fate and Regina's bedroom? Or wasn't this Regina's bedroom?

"OK. Stand up." Destiny commanded.

When Regina slid off the bed she found it was hard to stand.

"Well, you look pretty good considering you just died so, see you later." Destiny said and disappeared.
"What?!" Regina cried in surprise.

"Let me explain. Because you changed Cammie's fate I was able to change yours. I've completely changed history. Now you need to act like nothing ever happened."  Fate said.

"You changed history? How?" Regina asked.

"It doesn't matter. You just have to pretend nothing happened. If you want I can take your memories to make it easier." Fate offered.

"Um, no. I'd rather keep my memories." Regina answered.
"Everything is different now. Your memories may make it hard." Fate said.
"No thanks." Regina repeated.

"Suite your self. Oh, and your uncle wants to see you in the dining hall." Fate said as she turned to leave.

"Wait, Fate." Regina whispered.

"What?" Fate sighed.

"Th-thank you. For everything." Regina said, very heart-felt.

"You're welcome. And, Regina, you have never met Uncle Fred before. You only arrived here yesterday." Fate whispered.

Fate disappeared but her voice could still be heard.
"Regina, never tell anyone what you have seen."

Regina got dressed and wound her way through a maze of rooms, which seemed to be in a mansion, until she came to a long room with a table in the middle.

A handsome well-kept looking man rose from the table.
"Ah, you must be Regina." he said.

"Yes, and you must be Uncle Fred." Regina said with a smile.

Uncle Fred smiled back as Regina took a seat across from him and they began to talk.

"Oh, yes. Your mother mentioned something about her wanting you to make friends during your stay and James Mason's daughter seemed an eligible candidate. " Uncle Fred said.

"Mister Mason?" Regina asked excitedly.
"Yes, I see you've heard of him. He is very rich and his daughter seemed nice, so I thought you two may get along." her uncle answered.

Seeing the look of excitement on her face, he added, "She's waiting for you as we speak. I can ask the maid to show her in if you wish."
Regina nodded. 

A few moments later a somewhat timid looking Cammie entered the room.
"Hello." she said weakly.

"Cammie!" Regina cried as she ran toward her to give her a hug.
When she saw the look of shy terror on Cammie's face she realized Cammie didn't remember her.

She slowly walked up to Cammie.
"Hi." She said.
Cammie looked very shy.

Regina thought back to the first time she met Cammie.
"Are you nervous?" Regina asked, coking her head to the side.

"W-w-well, I'm really nervous about talking to new people." Cammie admitted quietly.

Regina smiled.
"I used to have the same problem until my friend told me a secret. 'If you be friendly others will be friendly back.'"

"Do you believe her?" Cammie asked quickly, "I mean, do you think she's right?"

"Why don't you test it with me and find out for yourself?" Regina asked.


I'm not sure how Halloween-ish this is, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!
Happy Halloween!

~ The Human


  1. Awwww! I loved it! The ending is perfect!

  2. Whoa! That was so amazing. :O You should make this into a book or something! XD

    -Clara <3

  3. That was so cute! I really enjoyed it. I like that you named the two ghosts Fate and Destiny :) Have a safe and awesome Halloween!!!
    - Katie :)


    1. Thank you. Originally Fate and Destiny were going to have a brother named Will but I wasn't sure about him.
      ~ The Human

  4. OH MY GOSH! That was amazing! Where did you get that idea? I loved this so much!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm not really sure where the idea came from, but once it was there it just took off. I'm so glad!
      ~ The Human


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