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Christmas Break in 5 Pictures

Hey all!  Today, I wanted to share with you 5 pictures that, I think, describe Christmas break. Here we go!

#1: Molly reading comics

#2: Claire sleeping in

#3: Afton critiquing Taryn's tree

#4: Lanie wrapping presents

#5: Charlie and Boulder in front of the tree

Thanks for reading guys! I have lots more Christmas post planned so stay tuned. :)
~ The Human

Tiger's Eye Snare ~ Part 3

In Claire's POV

"Sisters?" Kit asked in surprise.

Taryn ran forward to embrace me.

"Where have you been?" Taryn asked stepping back.
I was about to answer when Charlie interrupted me.

"I've got an idea." she said, "How about you tell the whole story from the beginning?"


Soon we were all siting on the floor and I was getting ready to tell my story.....'My lie.' I thought bitterly. 

"OK. So what's going on?" Charlie asked.

And with a sigh, I began.
"It was about ten years ago. Our family, Taryn, Mom, Dad, Boulder and I, went on a camping trip. Mom and Dad worked for the police and so they didn't get much time off. Well, we hiked way up into the mountains and set up camp. That night, Taryn was tucked into the bed beside me and we all fell asleep. The next morning when we got up, Taryn and the dog were gone. Dad and Mom figured Taryn had wandered off and Boulder had followed her. We searched high and low for three years. Mom and Dad still hadn't given up hope but..."

"Hey! You and Taryn are biological sisters!" Kit cried.
"Really? You just got that?" I asked sarcastically.
"Sorry." she mumbled.

"But what?!" Taryn cried, continuing the other conversation, "Mom and Dad didn't think I was worth it?! Do you know how hard it's being in an orphanage?!"

"Did you ever think of why I'm here? Why your Human adopted me?" I asked.
"Wh -what? What happened to mom and dad?" Taryn whispered.
"There...there was accident at work...." I trailed off.

"You- you mean...Oh Taryn! Claire! I'm so so sorry!" Charlie exclaimed.
"Oh.....One more question." Kit said.
She jumped up and snatched my bag.

"What's in here?" she asked.

"Give me that!" I snapped as I snatched it from her.

"Well sorry! I wasn't going to hurt it you know." Kit said.

"It's OK." I said ignoring her last remark, "Just never touch my stuff again."
'If she knew what was in this bag' I thought 'It would ruin am I ever going to get out of this trap...'

The End of Part 3


  1. Awe! that's so sad! I'm sorry Taryn and Claire! I wonder what will happen in part #3. - Katie :)

    1. Taryn and Claire say 'Thanks'. I'm glad tour excited. The finale should be up tomorrow!
      ~ The Human

  2. The suspense is really building! This is getting really good, and I just want to know what happens next!

    1. I know! Thank you! The finale should be up tomorrow!
      ~ The Human

  3. OOOOH! What is Claire hiding?! Great job so far! Also, I wanted to tell you that a couple people have told me that my "The 30's" photo series in Kit's POV reminds them of your "1930's"photo series in Kit's POV, and I realize it is because of the title. I am so sorry if you thought I was copying you! I had no intention to. The title just fit what I was going for. I assure them it's nothing like it. You are great at these series, and I'm always checking back for more!


    1. I don't know. >:) Ha! That's funny. No, I never thought that you were copying me because the story line is completely different and super original. The only things that are the same are the POVs and the title. I totally don't mind. :) Thank you.
      ~ The Human


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