Tiger's Eye Snare ~ FINALE (for real this time)

In Charlie's POV


The cool fall air whipped at my bare legs as stood outside.

It had been lucky that Boulder had smelled the smoke and told us something was wrong.
The note Claire had left for me assured us that they had been in that house but...

There wasn't much of the house left.
The police and the firemen had searched the rubble and hadn't found anything.

Suddenly Boulder began to tug at his leash as if he heard a noise.

The kittens seemed to hear it too, and began to squirm.

Boulder seemed to hear it again and was about to bolt.

I dropped the kittens and grabbed Boulders leash.

The kittens raced through the grass toward the rubble.

Boulder gave another tug at the leash and it slipped from my hand, so I watched in frustration as he followed the kittens.

I felt upset. I couldn't believe Taryn and Claire were gone, but if it was possible it was true I felt like their pets were the last thing I had to remember them by.
Then I heard a noise...
I followed the pets into what was left of the cabin and listened again.
I asked one of the police officers to help me lift a huge board.

And Claire was weakly calling for help!
"Claire!" I cried in excitement.

Claire looked over at me and said quietly but still with plenty of sarcasm, "What took you so long?"

In Claire's POV
It was only a short hospital stay before we were allowed to go home.

"You guys know you were lucky to just have minor smoke inhalation. You really should have told the police in the first place." Charlie scolded.

"Yeah, but I was only four at the time. Anyways I was a first time offender so they let me off with a pretty strict warning." I responded.

"Hey! What's that?" Taryn interjected.

We all followed her gaze.
"Oh," Charlie said "that's Claire's new bed, the one she made with The Human.  Human and I decorated it for her. What do you think Claire?"

"Not bad." I said.
It had pink blanket on the bed along with one big pillow and a few smaller ones a soft purple chair had been placed underneath with one of my hats and a school text book.

Mackenzie and Fox jumped out of my arms down onto the floor.
"Wait." I said "Where do you guys think you're going?"

The two of them hopped up onto the bed and curled into cozy little balls.
"Aw. They feel at home." Charlie cooed.

"And on that note," Charlie said, stepping forward, "We want to welcome you to your new home and your new life!"

"Thanks." I said, rolling my eyes at her corny words.
But those words meant a lot more than anyone knew.
I have a new life in Christ and He has saved me from a Tiger's Eye Snare.


So what did you guys think?
I really love your feedback! I had so much fun making this series, taking the pictures, and find the right scenes!

Claire's profile should be up soon!

On another note, Katie has started her own AMAZING blog ! You really need to go check that out!
Jewel is doing a super fun series right now on her blog in Kit's POV so check that out too!
And Catlover02 is doing a mini series to introduce her new doll on her blog.
That's what's new in the doll world, so see you all in the next post!
~ The Human


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe you linked my blog! Thank you so SO much! This was an awesome photo series! I'm glad that they were ok ;) Congrats on Claire and thank you again, you've made my day! - Katie :)


    1. You're so so welcome! Your blog is amazing but when you just start out it's hard to spread the word and I want everyone to see your blog! Thank you very much! Me too. ;) Thank you, and your welcome!
      ~ The Human

  2. WOW! Thank YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! I actually just got the third part up! I really appreciate the support.

    This photo series was super cute!!!! the bunk bed you made for Claire is great! Who do think your favorite doll is now?! I must confess I like Charlie the best (;


    1. You're welcome! Just trying to treat others how I want to be treated! Thank you! Well... either Charlie or Claire....leaning towards Claire. I have some really funny photostories planned for her because her personality is so fun!
      Taryn: How dare you?! I am the best! I am better than her in any and every way!!! I am-
      The Human: Taryn, get off the table. ;)
      Thank you so much for your support and regular comments. It is so much fun to open Blogger every night and answer all your guys' comments!
      ~ The Human

  3. Yay! Every good story deserves a happy ending right? Your writing is phenomenal and I can’t wait to read future photo stories and photo series’s.

  4. Also, I really like your new blog design!



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