This Was Supposed To Be a Photo Shoot A.K.A The Long Grass ~ A Photo Story

Hey everyone! So this was supposed to be a photo shoot but some how it turned into a photo story!  ðŸ˜…  Oh well. I hope you enjoy it!

As I walked through the long grass I thought about the possible reasons for Charlie not wanting to come with me. Ever since I made her watch 'Jurassic Park' she was afraid to go in the long grass. I wonder why.

'Hey!' I said 'Why don't I climb one of those trees?'

I pulled myself out of the long grass and onto the lowest branch.

'Wait. What's that?' I said out loud. 'I think I need to go up a branch.

Once I was on the next branch I looked at what I seen before but to get the best view I could I needed to go up one more branch.

Then on the next branch I shaded my eyes from the sun and peered through the leaves. 'Wow! I have to go see that!' I exclaimed as I climbed out of the tree.
But once I got down in the long grass I got turned around again.

'Was it this way? Or this way?' I asked turning around and around.
Finally I decided to climb another tree to get my bearings.

I looked round and round but I couldn't see it anymore. 
But suddenly my hand slipped!

'Whoa!' I cried as I tried to hold on!

I was finally able to pull myself back up on the branch. And after being turned around from the fall I saw what I was looking for! I quickly slid down the tree and began searching through the grass again.

I searched forever until I found a land mark! I pulled myself up on it. 

I walked across the long fallen tree until I saw it!

'There it is!'  I shouted.

A cool twisted old tree!
But there was one problem...

It was surrounded by stinging nettle!

'Well, I guess it's time for some ninja skills." I said. I took a run...

And leaped into the air,

And soared over the stinging nettle!

Then I was just able to get on to the tree with out getting stung!

'Yes! Victory!' I cried.
But then it was time for supper.
Oh well.

See ya next time!

~ Taryn


  1. This is so amazing! It isn't easy to turn a photo shoot into a photo story, but you made it look that way! It would be a wonderful photo shoot or photo story. The pictures are amazing! Your human just gets better and better!


    1. Thank you. Well, once we were done taking the pictures, we looked at them and the story just happened. Oh, and The Human says: "Thank you so much! That means a lot!"
      ~ Taryn

  2. Great photostory! Taryn is pretty funny. ;)

  3. So cool! It looks like you had a fun adventure! :)


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