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House of Spooks ~ Halloween Special

Hey guys. Happy Halloween! I'm super proud of this story, I just love how it turned out, and I hope you guys enjoy it too. I just give a really quick thank you to my awesome neighbors for letting me shot in this old house on their land. ❤️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Any aces?" "Nope, go fish." "Hey, Em! You ready to go?" Emerson asked as she and Candy walked into the kitchen. Emily turned in her seat, "Emerson, I already told you, you're fourteen years old I'm sixteen years old. I'm not taking you trick-or-treating." "But Emily, Candy is still thirteen. This is her last chance to go out on Halloween, but her mom said she could only go if I went with her, and Mom said I can only go if you go!" Emerson argued. "Yeah, but Janet and I have plans." Emily replied. 'Where you going to play 'Go Fis

The Sisters Tag!!!

Hello! It's Charlie and we just got nominated for the Sister Tag!
Thank you so much Jewel and Light4thelord for nominating us! So here are the rules.

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and leave a link to the amazing blog (and the other amazing blog)
  • Answer the eleven questions given,and have your sister do the same for you.This way we can compare and contrast the two of you.
  • Nominate seven bloggers and have them answer the same eleven questions.
  • Have fun!

#1: Which of you is older?

Taryn is two years older.

I am! Mwa haw haw haw!

#2: What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Probably playing outside. 

Um, I guess playing outside.

#3: What is your sister’s favorite food?

Um. Anything. She'll eat straight sugar because it gives her "More energy" But then she gets sick. 

I think it' No, it's... chicken alfredo! (Where did you even eat that?)

#4: What’s a character trait in the other that you appreciate?

Taryn is super energetic and fun!

Oh. That's easy! Charlie is super sweet and easy to get along with!

#5: What’s a character trait in the other that you don’t appreciate?

Well, I don't want to be mean but, She can be kind of  crabby when she doesn't want to do something.

Can I make a list? Just kidding! As I said she is really easy to get along with. I can't think of anything She does I don't like. That's kind of why I bug her so much.

#6: What’s one hobby you have that the other doesn’t?

I really like to sit and play with my toys. 

Sports. Charlie doesn't like sports but I'm all for them.

#7: Who keeps a cleaner room?

I would have to say me.

Ugh. Charlie. I just can't be bothered to clean it.

#8: What’s the biggest way in which your sister can annoy you?

Hmm. I try to be patient but it does annoy me when she leaves stuff all over the floor.  

Well, basically when she does something better than me.

#9: Describe each other in three words.

Fun. Energetic. Loyal.

Sweet, Kind, Shy.

#10: How do the two of you differ personality-wise?

I'm a little more quiet that Taryn.

I'm a lot more energetic than her.

#11: Why do you love your sister? (C’mon, you know you do!)

I love Taryn very much because she is super fun to be around!

I love Charlie because she is really sweet and optimistic. She can always make me feel better. :)

So, we hope you enjoyed reading our answers and we nominate:

Jasmine and Delaney (Delightful World of Dolls )

Kit and Saige (AG Doll Awesome)

Jamie and Tay ( Small Dolls in a Big World)

Chrissa and Carolina

Mia and Melody (American Girl Fan)

Katrina and Anastasia (A Doll's Life)

Juliet and Isabelle (AG Lane 123 Studios)

I hope you all have as much fun as we had doing this challenge! 

~ Taryn & Charlie


  1. Ooh looks like you guys had fun! I enjoyed reading y'alls answers.

    (P.S. from Tessa, Who would you like go to first for the collab?

    1. Thank you so much for tagging us! We had a lot of fun!
      ~ Taryn
      (P.S. Um, sure! I can ask the first question. I can't wait!)


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