New Doll House Tour

Hello. It's Charlie here. Today I have a room tour for you.

We have expanded the doll house and I can't wait to show you.

Here's the overview of the Bedroom.

On the wall there is this Life of a Farm Doll poster that the Human made. 

Under that there is this pretty banner that says "spring" next to a larger poster.

And here's the view from our new window.

In the middle of the room there is this cute rug with a sweet little bunny in a cup.

And of course our bunk bed.

Here is my bed with my new bedding!

Next up is our tiny dining room. In the middle of it is the table.

On the table is the coffee machine and coffee book.

And our last new room is the living room.

Here we have the dresser.

Next to the dresser is this pot of flowers.

And on top we have a small book and two nesting dolls.

On the other side we have a tea cup and plate on a little stand.

Then in the living room we have the chair I got for my birthday. I is purple soft and fluffy.

Then there's the couch.

There are four little drawers underneath the couch.

In front of the couch is the TV. Ooo, looks like it's Frozen for movie night. 😜

Above the TV are Taryn's snowshoes and to the side is the message board.

And that's the end of the tour! It wasn't super long but I hope you enjoyed! 😄

~ Charlie


  1. Such a cute room! You did a good job!


  2. Wow! You really did an amazing job decorating your doll house! I love the table made out of a human stool, (What an awesome idea!) and the bedding on the bunks, the fluffy chair, the snowshoes, and the banner! And your window that you made is perfect! :D ;)
    ~Sammy <3

  3. Thank you! If I could I would redo our room everyday... But then Taryn would never know where things are. ;) Yes, the stool is just the right height for us. I used your idea for the window. Thanks for commenting! :)
    ~ Charlie


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