Study or Break? ~ A Photo Story

Charlie was sitting in her chair study for a huge science exam.

"Ugh!" She groaned as she slipped out of her chair and on to the floor.

"What's up?" Taryn asked looking up from her texts on her phone.

"I hate finales." Charlie answered. "I have to remember the divisions of the classification system! Who can do that?!"

"I can. It's not that hard." Taryn said as she hopped down from the bed.

"Really? Can you help me study?" Charlie exclaimed. 

"No. Because I've got a better idea!" Taryn said.

"We'll go camping!" Taryn said while she put on her hat.

"Um. How does that help me study." Charlie said skeptically.

"Come on. It'll be a good break from studying. That's exactly what you need right now." Taryn answered as she stuffed her backpack. 

"Please?" Taryn pleaded.

"OK. Maybe your right." Charlie said as she placed here book on the chair.


"Here we are." Taryn said as she put down her backpack. "How about I go get wood for a fire and you set up the tent?"

"Um, tent?" charlie asked.
"Yes." Taryn said and walked away.

"It's in the backpack." Taryn shouted over her shoulder.

"I knew that." Charlie said as she dug through the pack.


Taryn carried a bunch of twigs and leaves to start a fire when it got dark.

she put them in a pile on the ground in front of herself.
"Charlie?" she called.

"Tents are hard to put up." Charlie replied from where she lay on the ground. The pieces of the tent were scattered around her.

"Never mind. I'll put it together, you spread out the sleeping bag." Taryn said as she gathered up the pieces of the tent.

Charlie had finished unrolling the sleeping bag and it fit perfectly.

"Hmm," Charlie thought, "I wonder if I should close the door. No. Then it will get too hot. I'll just leave it like it is."


It took all afternoon to get the rest of the camp set up. But by that time...

"Ow, ow, ow!" Charlie exclaimed holding out her sunburned arms.
The sunburn was mostly on her face and legs but her arms burned through her shirt.

She gingerly sat down.

Taryn stared at her like she had never seen sunburn before.
"What's wrong?" She asked.

"I've got sunburn." Charlie said, answering the obvious question.


"You can get sunburn?! Cool!" Taryn exclaimed.

Charlie slowly stood up. "Yes. I'm a redhead so I burn really easily. And what's up with your face?" Charlie asked.

"Oh." Taryn sighed, "I've never had a sunburn before. I don't burn I just get freckles." 

By the time the sun went down Taryn had too many freckles to count.

The girls hadn't been able to start a fire so instead they sat and talked.
Until the bugs came...

"Ah!" Taryn cried as she jumped up and shouted "Run for the tent!"

Taryn dove in to the tent and began to try to close the door.

 Charlie got up slowly because of her sunburn.

By the time Charlie got in to the tent Taryn had gotten the door closed.

And Taryn fell asleep swatting at mosquitoes.


 "What was that?!" both girls said at the same time as they woke up.
Soon it was raining buckets. And coming through the roof too.
Taryn jumped up and shouted "I'll find a tarp you close the windows!" 

Charlie went out and closed the windows but she was instantly soaked.
Taryn couldn't find a tarp so they slept in the water, soggy, soaked, wet wet wet wet wet wet wet tent.

The next morning.

When Taryn woke up she was alone in the tent. She stepped out into the fresh morning air then looked around. Charlie's shoes were gone. So Taryn packed up the camp and went in to the house.

When Taryn came in she dropped the things on the floor. Charlie was in her chair studying again.

Taryn sighed. "Charlie. I'm sorry that the break was so terrible and if you want we can have another one later."

Charlie put down her book and looked up at Taryn.
She looked very sunburned and she had a lot of bug bites. 
"To be honest, I would rather study over time then have another break." Charlie said.

Taryn laughed as she checked her texts.
"Me too," She said "Me too."

The End

Summer is almost here!!!! I am really excited to be done! I have one more week! *Fist pump* 
Are you excited for summer? What do you like to do for a break?

~ Taryn & Charlie


  1. This was a fun photo story! I hope that the sunburn and bug bites go away soon! Yeah, this is pretty accurate when it comes to camping.


    1. Thank you. I hope so too. :) Well, it wasn't supposed to go like that but that's always how it turns out in the end isn't it? ;)
      ~ Taryn

    2. Hey guys! I nominated you for an award!

      P.S. LOVE the header.

    3. Yes, we saw it this morning. Congrats and thanks so much. :)
      ~ Taryn & Charlie
      P.S. Thank you. That is officially our favorite picture together.

  2. It was great it really hooked me I loved it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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