Z Yang

Z Yang

Hi. It's Taryn here to share my opinion of Z collection.
(All photos belong to American Girl.)

Z Yang

I really think all of AG's Asian dolls are super cute and I love her shirt! I think she is a great doll. (Maybe apart from the perma -panties. ;) )

Z's Accessories

I really like the scarf! I think it would go well with her Meet outfit and a lot of other ones too.

Z's Filming Accessories

Okay. I have got to be honest. I love the cameras! I think they are so cute!

Z's Sightseeing Outfit

I really like the shoes in this outfit. I'm not sure this is really my style but it looks okay on Z.

Z's Easy Breezy Outfit

Now this is more my style! Other than the filming set this is my favorite thing in Z's collection. (So far.)

Z's Dog ~ Popcorn

Of course, as the animal lover I am I really like him. I think Popcorn is such a cute name!

Z's Scooter

I like the scooter, but in my opinion it's way too expensive!It is really cute though...

And that will bring us to our last item,

Z's Desk Set

I really like all pieces and the detail. But I think that the legs are plastic which I think they might last better if they were metal or wood, but over all I really like this set.

So that was American Girl's newest release! And all together I think Z and her things are really neat. 
Thanks for reading!

~ Taryn


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