Doll of the Month?

"Doll of the Month?"  Part 1 ~ A Photostory

"Hey, Charlie." Taryn said as  she entered the room.

"Hi." Charlie answered, looking up from the paper on her lap.

"What are you doing?" Taryn asked as she closed the door.

"Oh, just working on my Doll of the Month application." Charlie said putting it down on the bed. "What?" Taryn asked. "Doll of the Month. You know over at Dolls n' All?" Charlie said.

"Oh! Right!"

She spun around and went for the door."I'll go get mine and we can work on them together!"

"Wait!" Charlie called "Didn't The Human say only one of us can enter?"

"Oh. Right."

"So what do we do?"

"Well," Taryn said as she walked over "I'll finish my application and you can stop working on yours so you don't waste too much effort."

"Wait! It's my turn to do something special! I should get to enter!"

"I know what to do to settle this!" Taryn said.

"We should have a competition."

"Oh no." Charlie groaned as she slid to the floor. "You'll just choose a whole bunch of running games that you know I can't win!"

"Not this time!" Taryn answered as she opened the shoe box. "We'll both chose three thing we want to do!"

"Oh fine." Charlie sighed as she picked up the paper.

"Almost got them!" Taryn grunted as she crawled farther into the box.

"What are you looking for?" Charlie asked as she tried to brain storm.

Taryn was holding two pairs of running shoes.

 "I know you don't have any so you can borrow these ones." she said tossing her a pair. Charlie passed the paper to Taryn and she quickly scribbled three things down.

Charlie looked over the list. "I'm not so sure I like this first one, Taryn. Taryn?"

Charlie looked over but Taryn had already put her shoes on and left.

Charlie sighed.

Charlie pulled her shoes on and put her bow in her hair to keep it out of her eyes. She sighed again. "Today is going to be a long day."


The End 
of part 1.

Stay tuned for the next part!

~ Taryn & Charlie


  1. Ohh, who will win?! :) I can't wait to see who will be entered as DOTM! (you know you can enter both...) I'm looking forward to the next part!
    ~ LIght4theLord

  2. Cliff hanger! ;) Ya we know but this makes a good story! :)
    ~ Charlie


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