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Fall Photo Shoot 
Hi guys! Taryn here! I've been wanting to do a photo shoot so bad! I finally went out and did one! I hope you like it!

Let's throw some leaves!


I thought these looked nice together. What do you think? 

Hmm....where did I leave my boots?

Great News!!!
Hi guys! Just an update. The game ( in the post prior to this) will close next Friday, instead of today! Thanks!
Now on to the news! I have been saving my pennies (literally) for something I have wanted for sooooooo long! But, I FINALLY  have enough to get it! I'm getting a horse!!! For myself !!! I am so excited!!!  I can't wait!!! Here he is!

Isn't he beautiful! I'm so excited! Till next time! 

The picture shown above belongs to Maplelea. 

Guess What!!!
Hey guys! Are you guys getting ready for Halloween? I am! All the candy! :D Well, lets play a game! Lets play guess "my costume"!  
So, how to play. I'm not going to tell you what I'm going as on Halloween. You have to guess! Okay, so this is your first clue!

Nope, nope, not it, um what is this... Oh here it is!
This is the first clue, the pants!
And now for the second clue. 
The shirt! Okay, now here it is on.
So all you have to do is put your guess in the comments! Plus the first person to get it right by Saturday (October 22, 2016) could win a prize for their doll! That's right!A personalized candy bag! Second place is a pumpkin candy bag!
So get guessing! Please put your guess into the comments! The winners will be posted Monday with the packages going out later in the week! That's all for now!    ~Taryn~

At "school"
Hi guys! Well, I guess every one is in school. I am too, but I do things a little different..... How about I just show you!
Well here it is. My school! Cool right! I home school! I love homeschooling! I have to do Math first. THE WORST part about school! 

 I have a favourite part of school,too!  You guessed it! Reading!
I like reading so much....that some times I fall asleep.
Next I have to do some exercisers. Like jumping jacks,
or push-ups,
sometimes I have to do burpies , but you don't want to see that... Trust me!;) I am usually so tiered after!
There are lots of things I don't like about homeschooling like more distractions, of course I don't see my friends every day. I still have to do the same work too. (Don't get me wrong I like school.)

 But you know what? At the end of the day it's worth it!
 What do you like about school? What's your favourite  subject? Do home school or go to public school? I would love to here from you in the comments!
Welcome to the Farm
Hi! As you may know, I'm Taryn! I live on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. I can't wait to share all my stories with you! How  'bout I Give you the tour for my first post! Let's start with my room! 

 This is my room. It is a little messy....but at least it's my mess! 

This is my kitten, Harper. I love her soooooo much!    :D     She is such a snugly little thing!       

                                                            Now, let's go outside!

This is my doggie, Boulder! He is such a 
good boy!

This is our chicken coop! My dad made it! Cool right? We have about 25-35 chickens.(I'm not really sure)

These are some of our chickens. The white one is the rooster. My favourite hens are the  the black and white ones.

Do we have an eggs today? Let's see here.... Oh! Look!

It's an egg! Our chickens lay the most beautiful shade of brown! They're super big too!