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Christmas Break in 5 Pictures

Hey all!  Today, I wanted to share with you 5 pictures that, I think, describe Christmas break. Here we go!

#1: Molly reading comics

#2: Claire sleeping in

#3: Afton critiquing Taryn's tree

#4: Lanie wrapping presents

#5: Charlie and Boulder in front of the tree

Thanks for reading guys! I have lots more Christmas post planned so stay tuned. :)
~ The Human


     Hi! My name is Taryn! I'm the first and only doll on the farm.(So far)

    Full Name: Taryn Elizabeth Brady 
       Pets: Boulder,my dog and,Harper,my kitten

     Favourite Colour: Green!

     Favourite TV Show: Lark Rise to Candle Ford
     Sports: Archery,skiing,skating,and swimming

     Favourite Food: Pizza 

     Siblings:  Claire,my older sister

     Doll: Maplelea Doll KT1

Taryn's outfit is from Maplelea's Snow Crystals      


  1. You ski?! That's awesome (I'm hoping you mean snow-skiing)! DO you get to go skiing very often? Maybe one day you can show us! (That'd be really cool!) I really like snow-skiing, but I only get to go once a year.
    ~ Light4theLord

  2. Yep snow skiing! I love it! The farm is about five minutes from the ski hill so yea I go a lot!


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