Meet the Girls

Meet the girls


Hi! I'm Taryn! I love mostly all sports, the outdoors, and animals! I am home schooled  and love riding horses! I came to live here in the fall of 2012. I would call myself a bit of a tomboy. I only wear dresses in life or death  situations. 😉
See ya!

Full name: Taryn Elizabeth Brady

Birthday: October 12

Nickname: None

Pets: Boulder my dog, and Harper my kitten!

Hobbies: Sewing, reading, and drawing

Favorite colour: GREEN!

Favorite Season: All of them

Favorite Hair Do: Just a normal pony-tail is good enough for me!

Outfit: Um, whatever is clean or not. Just comfortable. 

Doll: Maplelea Doll KT1


Hi, I'm Charlie. I like to play outside, garden, dance, and play with my toys.
I can be a bit shy when you first meet me but, get to know me and I'll warm right up!  I am afraid of big animals. They are so terrifying some times! ☹ But I love blogging and I can't wait to get to post more one this blog with my sister!

Full Name: Charlie Lynn Smith

Birthday: May 23

Nickname: Char

Pets: My pet beaver. His name is Jack.

Hobbies: Dancing and playing with my toys

Favorite Colour: Pink

Favorite Season: Spring!

Favorite Hair Do: There is not much to do with hair as curly as mine. 😒

Outfit: My pink sweater.

Doll: Maplelea Doll KFM28


  1. Nice to meet you, Taryn and Charlie!:)

    I really like the Maplelea dolls.:P Saila is on my wishlist:)

  2. Nice to meet you too, ElsaIcySnowflake. Saila is a beautiful doll! Two of my friends are renamed Siala dolls! :)
    ~ Taryn

  3. CHARLIE IS SO PRETTY. I love redheaded dolls!

    1. Hehehe. Thank you. There aren't many red headed dolls are there?
      ~ Charlie