Meet the Girls

Meet the Girls

Taryn, my first doll, is an ultra-tomboy. She love soccer and volleyball, but she'll play anything. She loves the colour green, and she has no really sense of style. She is super fun with her long strait hair, and sweet little freckles. She and her biological sister, Claire, argue a lot but they really love each other  very much. 

Full name: Taryn Elizabeth Brady
Birthday: Oct. 12
Pet: Boulder
Favorite Colour: Green
Favorite Food: SUGAR!
Hobbies: Volleyball, and being random
Style: 'What does that mean?'
Random Facts: I am super random. 😜

Charlie is my second doll. She has a very sweet personality although she is quite shy. She likes to wander in the woods alone, or with Jack of course. She has lots of stuffed toys that she and Kit love to play with. She also adores anything pink.

Full name: Charlie Lynn Smith
Birthday: May 23
Pet: Jack
Favorite Colour: Pink
Favorite Food: Chicken alfredo
Hobbies: Walking in the woods, and playing with my toys.
Style: Cute

Random Facts: I have a scuff on my cheek.

Claire is my third and last doll. (For now.) She is the classic older sister, sarcastic and sassy. She is a super nerd, and she can fix anything computer related. Most often you'll find her texting on her phone or doing whatever it is she does on her laptop. Despite all her love of tech, she loves old music, especially from the forties! She and Taryn are biological sisters, and argue like it too. 😉

Full name: Claire Marianne Brady
Birthday: Jan. 9
Pet: Mackenzie and Fox
Favorite Colour: Purple
Favorite Food: Fried chicken
Hobbies: Texting, checking Instagram, watching Youtube, and listening to my music.
Style: Comfy
Random Facts: I can hack any computer I want! (Not that I would.)

'Kit' Kittredge

Full Name: Katelyn Lilac Kittredge

Birthday: August 3

Nickname: Kit

Pets: Grace

Hobbies: Finding new stories and, gathering information

Favorite Colour: Spring green and yellow

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Hair Do: Two pigtails

Favorite Outfit: My floral dress

Doll: American girl historical character 'Kit Kittredge'

Guest Dolls


Bonjour! I am Leonie. I love art and music. I like to play the guitar and practice hockey with my friends. I am Taryn's cousin and Charlie's adopted cousin but they asked me to help with their blog. I am excited to help!
Au Revoir!

Full Name: Leonie Sophie Belanger-Lablanc

Birthday: June 24

Nickname: None

Pets: None

Hobbies: Playing guitar, hockey, biking, and

Favorite Colour: Red

Siblings: Lindsey

Cousins: Taryn

Fun Fact:I can speak French and English.

Doll: Maplela Doll KL1


Hello. I'm Taryn but you can call me Tara. ( So as not to confuse me with me friend.) I am adventurous and I love photography. I really enjoy drawing things me and Charlie see when we go adventuring together. I love flowers and animals. I am excited to do more posts with my friends!  

Full name: Taryn (Tara)  Elisabeth Brady

Birthday: October 21st Thursday

Nickname: Tara

Pets: Boulder (Bo for short and Bo-Bo when he is super cute)

Hobbies: Writing, Drawing and photography

Favorite Colour: Green

Siblings: None

Cousins: Linsey, Leonie

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Hair do: just down

Outfit: leggings or jeans and a t-shirt

Doll: Maplelea Doll KT1


  1. Nice to meet you, Taryn and Charlie!:)

    I really like the Maplelea dolls.:P Saila is on my wishlist:)

  2. Nice to meet you too, ElsaIcySnowflake. Saila is a beautiful doll! Two of my friends are renamed Siala dolls! :)
    ~ Taryn

  3. CHARLIE IS SO PRETTY. I love redheaded dolls!

    1. Hehehe. Thank you. There aren't many red headed dolls are there?
      ~ Charlie

  4. Wow, you guys look so beautiful! And the photography -- ahh, it's absolutely breathtaking! I love your lovely blog, girls! Keep up in the incredible work! I followed via my WordPress reader!


    1. Thank you! We're starting to get the hang of this. XD Aww, thanks so much. We are trying to post more often but our server has different plans. ;)
      ~ Taryn

  5. It was awesome to take all those awesome pictures, with my cousins, Taryn and Charlie! Excited to help out with the blog!!
    ~Leonie ;)

    1. We can't wait for you to help out either!
      ~ Taryn & Charlie

  6. It is so awesome I love it. I'm so glad I was able to help you with the blog it turned out great.

  7. You have a very cute doll collection! My favorite have to be Charlie and Kit, but they are all so cute!

    ~Bella and the dolls


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